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Oscar nominees Best Animated Feature 2014

Earlier today this article was brought to my attention, in which it becomes clear that some of the Academy voters have little to no respect for the animation industry. They openly admit not having watched the nominated films and/or claiming that animated films are for kids, so they didn’t vote. Even the ones shown in the article that did vote barely motivated their choice.

I find this extremely disrespectful of the animators who poured their heart and soul into making these movies, only to have their work be pushed aside without a second glance by the judges of one of the most prominent and well known film awards out there. As an aspiring animator, I am deeply insulted.

Please note that in this post I am expressing no opinion on whether Frozen should have won or not. I think it’s a wonderful film, just as all the other nominees. I am simply saying that we deserve better.

What they did is disrespectful to the creators of every single one of these films, even Frozen. By barely motivating their choice, they make it look like they voted for Frozen simply because of Disney’s status in the industry. Because it’s Disney, and it made a lot of money, so it had to be at least somewhat good. To me it seems like some of the voters just defaulted to voting for the Disney film, and nobody likes to win by default.

Don’t get me wrong, I too have been guilty of loving Disney simply because it’s Disney, but there is so much more beautiful animation out there and it deserves to be taken into consideration. And if Frozen won, it should have won because the majority of the voters thought it was the best film, not because part of the voters was too lazy to even watch the nominated films.


The academy and Oscars are run by dumbasses stuck in the past inherently biased against certain kinds of media anyways. That’s why I say the only awards that REALLY matter are the technical ones specifically because they’re willing to recognize a movie that falls outside of their normal comfort zone [which are usually tear jerkers]. These guys don’t care that they actually nominated *gasp* a HORROR movie for “Best special effects” - all they care about is that the special effects look good.

That’s why I take most awards that aren’t technical with a grain of salt - you can see the biases everywhere else. Put some zombies, talking animals, machinery, magic duels, ki blasts, monsters, etc in many award winning movies and see how many awards THEY win.

Even stuff that DOES fall within the realm of science fiction, fantasy, etc will frequently try and be distanced away from it by the oscars.

But even then, animation gets the worst of it - so many people assume that animation is just for kids and that there is no way it can be used to deliver some kind of message (That the Oscar and Academy award staff WANT to see.). It’s seen as “Cheap” yet tell me with a straight face this stuff is cheap. It’s seen as “lazy”, when anyone who worked on those animated pictures will put their knee into your crotch if you tell them that they didn’t put any work into it. Do you have *ANY* idea why it takes so long to make some of these things?

Honestly if I were an animator, I’d ignore the Oscars and Academy Awards just as much as I do now - The way to win art contests and award shows like these is to know who the judges are and make something that THEY like. Make a tear jerker specified for the Oscars and Academy and watch the awards fly in. Want to win a “Best artist”? You can draw stuff that belongs in a museum but if you refuse to draw the subject(s) or theme(s) that the judges like, you’re not going to win. Want to win a “Best song”? Don’t go for what the people like - go for what the JUDGES like.

Heck, if I was nominated for an award, I’d probably not even show up or would show up, say an Award speech consisting of “Thank you judges” and then leave, after an entire evening of looking bored out of my mind.

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Yes. I would press it.
I do not want to use my shapeshifting powers to deceive people and try to pretend it’s me - I personally prefer say, leaving some bit of a trace like colouration or whatever so that people can tell it’s me. (Kind of like how during the Merlin & Madam Mim wizard duel in Disney’s sword in the stone, they were always shades of blue or reddish-purple.)

Yes. I would press it.

I do not want to use my shapeshifting powers to deceive people and try to pretend it’s me - I personally prefer say, leaving some bit of a trace like colouration or whatever so that people can tell it’s me. (Kind of like how during the Merlin & Madam Mim wizard duel in Disney’s sword in the stone, they were always shades of blue or reddish-purple.)

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The Adventures of Squeakyraffe and the rabbit families of CO: Episode 1

So there are tons of people in Colorado who have loads and loads of children. I nickname them “Rabbit families”.

One rabbit family in general apparently can’t control any of their kids - and didn’t realize this until after they had six kids.

So who is in this family, we have:



Snitty Teen Brat, who has hit that age where she doesn’t care about anything at all, and honestly wishes everyone except for her would die.

Angel, the kid who has just discovered the wonders of technology and occupies himself reading on the phone… or probably texting… or playing a game.

Thing One and Thing Two. Or Cain and Abel, whichever you prefer. These are those two siblings who absolutely hate each other. Neither can live while the other survives, so as a result, their but one goal in life is to kill the other one. And even then at the funeral, you might have to restrain the sruvivor from jumping in the grave and trying to beat up his brother’s corpse to ensure his death.

The Girl Flash, whose diet consists entirely off of Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs and espresso.

And Babby! S/he has just learned a new letter: E. S/he also has another gift: The stamina AND vigor that would allow her to play the role of Brunhild in the opera. S/he is so proud of both her vocal vigor and that s/he has just learned the letter “E” that s/he will let everyone know!

The minivan drives up to the restaurant. Girl Flash probably runs out and makes three laps around the world in the time it takes for Mom and Dad to pull Thing One and Thing Two apart. Snitty teenage brat just can’t care at all. They enter, and ask for a table for eight. They have to look away from Thing One and Thing Two… and in the three seconds that they look away, tehy are already trying to strangle each other, while Girl Flash is hopping up and down on a bench like a trampoline.

The entire family spends roughly five minutes trying to decide who should sit where, and make perhaps the dumbest seating arrangement ever: Thing One and Thing Two are apart from each other. Mom and dad pay no attention to that side of the table because Angel is too busy reading anything. Mom and Dad start going off on a huge lecture to Sabrina, the Teenaged Bitch, while occasionally trying to stop Babby from shouting “EEEEEEEEEEE!”, and once yelling at Thing One and Thing Two to knock it off or they will be punished. (Presumably, the punishment is allowing the other to live another night.)  They also don’t look at the Girl Flash, who has on three occasions run in and out o the bathroom, and then pranced around in the middle of the aisles while servers are trying to carry plates full of hot food.

Great seating arrangement, huh?

The cornbread and rolls end up on the floor while the Snit is too busy being a usual 14 year old self to care at all that her brothers are kicking each other under the table, or that her little sister has just caused a sonic boom running around the restaurant. (Or maybe that “boom” was just her baby sibling screaming “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”) Babby has by this point screamed for five minutes straight without stopping once to breathe.

Thing One and Thing two fire straw-wrappers at each other, and then realize they could use the straw to fire spitballs… none of which actually hits the intended target. Mom and dad brush off when people from the nearby tables complain at Thing One and Thing Two ripping up their napkins up and firing them at the nearby customers and servers. The Girl Flash finally gets bored of running around, and wears down all the crayons to a nub, while Thing One and Thing two throw them at each other like throwing darts, before trying to wrestle the last one from The Girl Flash.

Angel is actually well behaved and departs from the table to stop his little sister from running into a server, and occasionally picks up the crayons from the floor and keeps them, so they don’t end up on the floor again. The Girl Flash manages to somehow get them, and manages to colour the entire table frantically.

Mom and dad don’t care at all that Thing One and Thing Two are still tryign to kill each other, or that babby still keeps screaming “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”.

Food comes. Sabrina, the Teenaged Bitch gets in a fight with her parents. Thing One and Thing Two throw sugar packets at each other, pour salt in each others’ drinks, and hurl pepper around. They have a sword fight with their dinner knives before Angel, mom, and dad confiscate them, then turn their attention to their own meals. The Girl Flash decides not to eat her macaroni and cheese and instead smashes it up into a million pieces under the table.

The family finally departs, much to the applause of the rest of the staff. The servers get an extra big tip for that, and two other customers even walk over to help clean up the mess despite that it is not their job.

Seriously guys, why did you have six kids if you can’t even control one?!? You should ahve at least stopped with Angel, since he spent the entire meal minding his own business and trying to look out for his little sister. (He probably didnt’ want to step in between his brothers’ feud or else they’ll decide that he must die.)

Everyone suffers tinnitus from the baby who screamed “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” non-stop for about an hour.

So I’ve been seeing a thread on multiple gaming boards saying you can read a book while playing Bravely Default and still win because you mashed autobattle.

…uhm… really? o.O; Autobattle has been in these kinds of games since the 1990s, and you’re just NOW getting offended by it? Yeah, load up Shin Megami Tensei on ZSNES… note that button? The one labeled “Auto”? Guess what that does… EXACTLY THE SAME THING AS AUTOBATTLE IN BRAVELY DEFAULT DOES!!

Some games actually hid the autobattle button, or you had to set certain characters to autobattle. Did you know, in Dragon Quest VIII, if you set Angelo to auto, he becomes way more effective? It’s true.

Honestly, you’re bitching about a completely optional feature in video games that has been in for decades? The thought NEVER ONCE occurred to you to simply not hit it?

Then again, if we’re at the point where people are choosing to be offended by completely optional and easily avoidable things… then maybe we deserve these “hand-holding” games. Because this is how fucking stupid gamers are.

I find that a lot of people like to use the term “Mary Sue” as a weapon. A weapon to dismiss characters they don’t like. A weapon to insult all the OCs they don’t like. A weapon to insult certain “Clichés” or extremely elaborate backstories.

The thing is, it takes a lot more than “perfection” to make a character a Mary Sue. For all you know… a character’s “perfection” might actually be the source of the conflict.

Suppose we have someone who has a reputation for perfection. A little like say, Olga from Hey Arnold or Cordelia in fire Emblem: Awakening. Their reputation to maintain is what causes them to have flaws, and it causes conflict. See, a character’s conflict might be the fact that they are so obsessive over being “perfect” that it causes emotional turmoil.

or maybe… it results in everyone else not liking them. Like that episode of Recess where the new kid (who is so good at everything) winds up hated by the playground, and reveals that he was trying to hide being so good at everything because it resulted in him getting hated.

I think a better way for determining whether or not a character is a Mary Sue is more about the conflict. One reason some “OCs” can be considered Mary sues? They don’t have any conflict in the story - it’s resolved the second they appear. They don’t have to actually work to defeat the big bad guy, everyone falls in love with them on sight, they outshine the main characters (which many readers are in love with anyways. :P ) 

Most of the fights in Yu-Gi-Oh (the anime) I think are honestly dull as dirt - just because Yugi always seems to be two steps ahead of his opponent, even when they are two steps ahead of him. I liked a few of the fights simply because Yugi had to actually WORK to win. One rason why I think LeDouche vi Britannia is a much less “Sue”ish character is that his “Fights” don’t always go as planned, and he is forced to improvise. On occasion, he screws up because of his emotions or some other factor. If everything went LeDouche’s ways and nobody could provide him a challenge, then Code Geass would have been an extremely dull series.

One other interpretation of a Mary Sue? Someone who breaks the reader’s willing suspension of disbelief. Even beyond fanfiction - if we have the rules of this universe explained to us.. then why is this character ignoring them all the time? Are they finding a loophole? Give us a reason as to why the character is breaking the laws the universe. Give us a reason as to why everything revolves around them.

Similarly, why does everyone constantly work them into every day conversation? One “Trait” of a Mary Sue isn’t “perfection” - it’s being the centre of attention at all times. Even in context(s) where they might not actually even NEED to be there. If they aren’t the characters constantly dote on them.

If the sue character does mess up or does something that is morally questionable (at best), they get away with it - but other characters we aren’t supposed to sympathize with. Why? Why do they get away with it? Why do we have characters who can get away with murder, yet bemoan their antagonists for their other evil deeds? This may actually be explainable in some ways - maybe a character’s flaw is that they don’t see the own holes in their moral code. But let’s also look at another factor: Character interactions.

If a character commits murder or other deplorable acts, yet other characters do not get away with such things, why does THIS character get to be above the law? That’s one thing that can frustrate readers and break their suspension of disbelief. Characters do deplorable acts, but are excused for some reason, but other characters who do LESS Deplorable acts are immediately punished.

I had touched upon a few of these concept(s) unintentionally in an old fanfiction I wrote mostly when I was 14. IT was an InuYasha fanfiction that was about two kids who somehow wind up in the feudal era after following Kagome down the well. (It’s cause they’re distantly supernatural - fair folk, youkai.) They’re traveling with the InuYasha group because the shikon jewel shards caused them to turn into hanyou (Sort of), and they can’t go back to the present looking like that. So they’re trying to find a way to turn back. It jumped between their perspectives, and when one narrated it, Inuyasha was pretty much an idealized vision. When the other character narrated it, Inuyasha was almost comically the exact opposite since she didn’t like Inuyasha, Kagome, or Miroku. On several occasions they almost get themselves killed out of recklessness or simply because they don’t know any better. At one point, one character flat out tries to steal the shikon jewel shards to try and get back to the present - but not out of spite, out of fear. She would rather take her chances back home.

The characters didn’t constantly talk about their new little tagalong kids - and on occasion, Miroku would fight with Sango when he hits on a new woman, Kagome and Inuyasha would fight, and Sango went crazy when she saw someone who looked like Kohaku. They weren’t “just there”, but they didn’t dominate every single conversation topic.

I not only lost the disc I had this on but never finished it and am frankly embarrassed at some of the wording.

Were these two characters sues? Maybe, maybe not… they weren’t perfect. In all honesty, they probably would be called sues just because they have a relationship with canon characters, aren’t exactly in canon or following canon rules (a lot of their stuff was made up - but it was explained as being foreign. Just as foreign to them as it was to the feudal Japanese people. I tried to make it consistent, with the “rule breaking” bein explained as “Wait… I didn’t know I could do that.”

But enough about this. They’d probably be called a Mary Sue just because of all that stuff - especially because people do not like them. Perhaps one of the most common usages of Mary Sue was “Protagonist you don’t like”. Or just “Extremely overpowered character”. Well… with the latter, maybe that’s the point. The villain is so powerful or smart it looks like s/he wins. The fact that the heroes overcome the odds is what makes it interesting.

long story short The traits do not make the sue. Trying to make a character “not a sue” by making them as cookie-cutter as possible will not avoid making them a sue. It’s their interactions, the reactions, the world that makes the sue.

I’m not going to be getting much friends by saying this… but I think Persona 3 and 4 have overstayed their welcome.

Yes, I liked them. But they aren’t my favourite Persona games - my favourite is still Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, though Persona 5 could possibly change this. The reason I liked Persona 2 better was just because I felt it was a really interesting sequel. Rather than simply being the continuing adventures of the cast of Persona 1, it was another game set in the same world… but not that far from the map from Persona 1.

Persona 3 and 4 felt almost like a continuity reboot, but eh, you dont’ want to make a huge myth arc. It’s nice to have random standalone event(s) in the same universe.

In terms of why they overstayed their welcome? Personally… I think it’s just time for Atlus to just MOVE ON from Persona 3 and 4. Yeah, we get it, Persona 4 was a real hit and made you tons of money. Persona 3 was also the same. But can you like, cut back on all the spinoffs, adaptations, etc?

When I saw news that Persona 5 was in development, the biggest news was the fact that they’re actually working on Persona 5 - NOT that another Persona 3 or 4 spinoff was coming to the region I live in. I’m like “Holy crap, are you guys going to dwell on Persona 4’s success forever? Just give us Persona 5 already.”

I’m glad that they’re finally working on Persona 5, and am indeed looking forward to it. Just a breath of fresh air after years of Persona 3 adaptation after Persona 4 remake after PErsona 3 movies after Persona 4 Arena. Persona was meant to be the mainstream Megaten game - they CERTAINLY got what they wanted.

I think a lot of people look back on World of Warcraft with rose tinted glasses. During Classic, you were in Middle or High School and everything was “new” to you, so it had this sense of magic. However, now you are not like 14, you’re probably 23. Heck, you might even be older - I’m 25 now. But honestly, there were a lot of stuff in “Vanilla” that you just flat out woudl not like - in fact I think you forgot how much you complained about it.

"This game just gives you free gear - You had to work for it in classic."

WoW Gives you free gear now? Where can I get some? Pretty much all the epics I get I don’t get for “Free”. Heck… there’s a pretty large line between the stuff you get from raids vs the raid finder or even Timeless Isle. Hey cool, I get “Free” gear from the stuff on Timeless Isle… except it’s pretty much to get you geared in time for the raid finder. The stuff you get from raids is way way WAY better.

You get a free legendary? Cool where can I pick-no wait, huge questline. That’s not “free”, what definition of “Free” are you using? Not dependent on the RNG?

And working for it in classic? Buddy… I kind of like this raid finder where everyone gets either a bag of gold or an item that might be an upgrade. The main reason something felt more “Rewarding” to you in classic was because you probably ran the dungeon 12 times in a row before the damn thing finally dropped. I once ran Molten Core 15 weeks in a row… and on roughly 8 of those weeks, we sharded (Or hell, even VENDORED!) half the loot that dropped. AT one point, we brought a paladin alt in… and within two weeks, got him a full suit of Tier 1 raid gear. Heck, in just one raid, he got virtually EVERYTHING. Meanwhile we had warriors and hunters with thousands of DKP who were still waiting for their loot to drop. (Vendorstrike.) Many other guilds had trends wherein they’d waste an entire week and only one person gets a gear upgrade because the only thing that dropped was shit they already had. We had people going into Blackwing lair and Ahn’Qiraj in BLUES because their gear would NEVER drop.

It was way way WAY Better in Burning when we had tokens - because then we wouldn’t have an instance where we down a boss… and shard all the loot because nobody could use it. We had tokens that could go to roughly three to five different people. We didn’t shard nearly half the stuff after burning.

And after Wrath when you could purchase gear with points… it just became way WAY easier to get ready. oh y god, there are filthy casuals in my raid… hey guess what? All buying gear that got them geared enough for the raid meant was THEY HAD THE GEAR. There is a HUGE difference between someone with full raid gear who doesn’t know the fight(s) and one who DOES.

"I liked the old talents better! You had customizability!"

Well… I kind of liked it too. But even then… in classic? Depending which class you played, you were lucky to have TWO specs that were “viable”. Wanted to go around and put points into all three? Then have fun sitting in Ironforge/Orgrimmar - because you’re not raiding. Wanted to be a Druid and go feral? Hope you like PVP - and if you do, that you like playing Warsong Gulch over and over and OVER again because that’s all you’re “Good” for. Wanted to play Enhancement as a Shaman, cause you had so much fun leveling as it? Hope you have fun dealing scratch damage because all the PvE gear for Shamans is made for Restoration. All the warrior gear was to steer you into tanking. Want to tank as a paladin so you go protection? Puuuh-leaze - you have no aggro management.

You have an actual choice now - in Classic, you’d see nothing but Holy paladins and Restoration druids walking around. Now I actually see Retribution paladins, Protection paladins, Holy paladins…. sure it’s not perfect (Does any shaman play Enhancement anymore?) but you have like, two or three specs - which was what you are lucky to have at MOST in these types of games.

"They took the easy way out of making the Shamans and Paladins no-longer faction exclusive!"

Bit of an easy way out? Maybe. But in my opinion? It helped them actually develop into their own unique classes rather than have to do the exact same thing as each other - seriously, throughout classic, they were constantly being tampered with so they could do the same things. I think making them faction exclusive was a bit of a mistake because otherwise they could have just made them the exact same class with a different name - and what fun is that?

"40 man raids were so much better."

How many people say this have ever had to organize a 40-man raid? You ahve to get 40-50 people (Remember - spares!) to have the same playtime. You have to deal with the people who don’t arrive and want an invite, and are now waiting around for an invite. You have people who are like “OMFG not Molten Core AGAIN! I’ve run it 40 times - I don’t want to do it AGAIN! I don’t get any gear” because they got tired. This was the same with attunements - YOU try getting people who’ve run Jailbreak >9000 times to run it again. (They get no upgrade from it.) The attunements… good lord. You try getting people who have done these >9000 times to run them again and they’ve already been geared and get no upgrade from it. I found myself wanting to organize the Zul’Gurub and Ahn’Qiraj 20-man raids a lot more because it was simply way easier to get 20 people together.

My guild tried to get people in by saying “Not attuned? We’ll help you out” but we’d still get people who were standing around Shattrah asking for people to help run instances so they can get attuned. Why? Because we’ve run it way too many times and were bored of it. So we had to start threatening to /gkick people since we promised the new recruits we’d help them get attuned. (Oh, and if you were on a low pop server, good luck - there’d be one group running the dungeon forming once a month if you’re lucky.)

It wasn’t really a test of “Skill”… it was just a test of patience. Removing them was an anti-frustration feature. Since you know, all it means is YOU CAN WALK IN - it’s a HUGE difference between actually completing the fights.

"The PvP was better then. Blah blah blah two day Alterac Valley matches blah blah blah Hillsbrad fighting."

Okay… I will give you this. WoW was never really a good PvP game (Most PvP in these games sucks anyways.) but very long-large scale battles like Alterac valley and constant pushes back and forth in Hillsbrad? Actually… those were kind of fun.

Even then it was still kind of broken - Rogues for example have been nerfed due to the amount of devs who have been ganked by them and stun-locked. Druids back in Classic did NOT PvP. Period. If you’re a druid and attack someone then you’re wasting your time.

"I liked the old world."

Well… let’s be fair, Cataclysm really really improved a lot of the world. Back in classic, in between the levels of 35-50, you were bottlenecked into Stranglethorn Vale and Tanaris. Aka Ganklethorn Hell and Ganklestan. I’m sure you looove going on a PvP server and finding a bunch of max level players with nothing better to do than make your day a living hell. Or on a PvE server, watching max level players go around tagging everything to annoy the people trying to level - because the only other option for palyers at level 30 was Desolace (which was so spread out you might as well not bother) and the Arathi Highlands (Which you would finish in about a week and still be only level 32.) and at level 40, you probably had one or two quest chains in the Swamp of Sorrows. Then at level 50, suddenly the world opens up: You can go to Felwood, you could go to the WEstern Plaguelands, you could go to Seraing Gorge and Burning Steppes, you could go to Un’goro crater… then Silithus, Burning steppes, and the Eastern Plaguelands 

Also, who remembers Hellsbrad? Or Hillsbrad Foothells? That was another target for gankers.

Now? I can level 1-60 without setting foot in the Eastern Kingdom - seriously. You have options. You actually have decent amount of quests to do in zones like Desolace or the Stonetalon Mountains. Granted, you still do get bottlenecked as the later zones try to steer you in. (Apart from getting to start Northrend in the Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra.) I kind of wish we got some more options as well in the expansion pack zones. But now, it’s a lot better - especially with heirlooms, which are an anti-frustration feature. And with the multi-dungeon queues… it just removed a massive headache.

Most people who refer to themselves as the “Core” gamers are like those five year old kids who act out because they’re upset that their new baby sister is getting more attention.

So as a result, they try to take out what they see as their competition for attention and throw hissy-fits and tantrums. Yeah, if you did start getting attention from your parents, you’d start throwing a tantrum the second they decide to play with your baby sister.

It fits gamers very well. Gamers have a lot of growing up to do - the happy gamers are too busy playing the games to be on the internet bitching. The rest suffer strongly from “King Customer Mentality”. Or, to link it to an already existing term, Little Emperor Syndrome.

There are several aspects of Little Emperor Syndrome - for example, many Little Emperors come from families where their parents and grandparents never got to go to college for whatever reason. (Cultural Revolution, hard times, recession, wars, etc) So as a result, they push their kids extra hard academically.

Now the aspect that applies most to gamers? The “Spoiled brat” aspect. You have grandparents and parents doting all their attention to one child - who thinks they are the centre of the world. As a result they wind up in for a big crash when they reach adulthood and learn that they actually aren’t the only people in the world and it does not revolve around them. I actually learned this not from WikiP… but from my former coworkers who were Chinese. (as in from China, too.) Very few of them had kids, in part because they never planned to. When asked why by the coworkers who were mothers and fathers, they pointed out the Little Emperor Syndrome… and the chinese ones who were parents even said they messed up with their kids because they were becoming Little Emperors.

How does this apply to gamers? Well, if you think about it, many “core” or “hardcore” gamers grew up being the primary demographic. Any and all games that were made were (For the most part) intended with them in mind. Now, fast forward 10-20 years. A gamer isn’t just someone who plays Super Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hegehog, or Pong in their living room OR someone who plays games like Poker in the casino. (That was where the term came from - most Casinos actually do use “Gaming” in their advertisements.) Now a gamer can be someone who streams 8 hours of DotA 2 a day. A gamer can be a stay-at-home mom who plays Peggle a few times. A gamer could be a parent who bonds with their kid playing video games the way their dad played catch with them. A gamer could be someone who plays Dark Souls on the hardest difficulty. A gamer could be someone who is into madden. See? It’s a lot more than just what it was.

But ooooh no, these new people like the “Casuals”, “Soccer Moms”, or “Frat Boys” aren’t gamers… because they weren’t here in the 80s. They like different things. And oh noes - now they’re making games that also appeal to them and not us.

Listen, guys.

They have a right to exist. Has Twilight so far prevented you from buying a copy of Game of Thrones? Has there never been anything written in the past few years that really appeals to you simply because TWilight came out? I certainly don’t care for Axis Power Hetalia or whatever the hell that is… but has it outright forced itself onto my computer and said I can’t read a Junji Ito manga because the only anime people care about are Axis Power Hetalia?

No. Gamers really REALLY need to learn that their demograph (no matter how big or smal lit may be) are not the only consumers in this industry. Remember that gaming was always based around targeting people with disposable income - the so-called kids or “casual” demographic.

So gamers, please grow out of this phase that most older siblings get when they have a baby sibling or two - it’s very immature. Because think of gaming publishers and devs as your parents. They try to do something that your little brothers and sisters like, and you whine at them for it because you want to be the one calling the shots and doing what you want to, little siblings be damned. So they try and find something all of you enjoy… but the oldest one says “I hate this. Disneyland is for BABIES. Can we go do something I like that they don’t care for?”

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Half Of The United States Lives In These Counties


Note how the further west and the further north you go, the bigger the county lines are. Iowa, Illinois,  Indianam and Kentucky are pretty much neatly cut up into a million little pieces. Meanwhile Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming have more individual counties make up a more sizable portion of the state’s line. Likewise, note the same for Maine.
It’s still quite interesting to see how many people note out the highly populated areas - What’s that county in the far east of Washington that’s coloured blue? Spokane?



Half Of The United States Lives In These Counties


Note how the further west and the further north you go, the bigger the county lines are. Iowa, Illinois,  Indianam and Kentucky are pretty much neatly cut up into a million little pieces. Meanwhile Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming have more individual counties make up a more sizable portion of the state’s line. Likewise, note the same for Maine.

It’s still quite interesting to see how many people note out the highly populated areas - What’s that county in the far east of Washington that’s coloured blue? Spokane?

"I’m leaving SoFurry now. They clearly don’t care about copyright."

"My favourite player is gone - I’m done watching Big Brother."

"Guild Wars 2 is so much better than WoW."

"I’m never using FA again. Cya on Weasyl!"

"I’m never coming to Subway again!"

"I’m done with Tumblr. Cya later."

Admit it - you’ve heard these statements before. People threaten to leave and claim there’s no reason to be doing this thing anymore. But honestly, right now you can say you’re done all you want but nobody will take those statements seriously.

These statements would hold more weight were it not for the fact that most people don’t even bother to back them up with anything. I can not tell you how many times I heard someone say “I am done with Subway I never wanna come here again” and yet I’d see them in line the very next day. I can’t tell you how many people would talk about how some other MMORPG out there is so much better than WoW yet they still pay the monthly fee and I see them log on. I can’t even begin to describe how many people say they’re done with whatever site yet within a few weeks I look over and notice that they’re still logging on, faving art and posting. And I can’t even begin to describe how many Big Brother fans say they have stopped watching the show… yet still talk about what kind of stuff is going on. If there really isn’t much of a reason to watch these shows anymore, then all your complaints are kind of void seeing as you still care enough about it to tune in every week or read up about what’s going on.

Honestly, even last night when people were saying they were jumping ship from SoFurry, I just simply sat back filing my nails going “Uh huh… I’ll see you in two days after you’ve read Toumal’s apology on this.”

Because honestly, I knew very few people actually meant it when they said “Bye bye SoFurry”. It’s the 21st century. After years of people threatening to quit their service, even if they have alternatives and a choice (Not so much for ISP - that’s different), we’ve pretty much been conditioned to think “Uh huh - see you in a few days.”